10 Best Traffic Exchanges for 2020

I have put together my best 10 traffic exchanges to use promoting my business in 2020.

NOTE: It is important to understand that traffic exchanges are membership sites. To gain access, you will need to register for a user account. Most traffic exchanges are free to join and include optional membership upgrades.

How traffic exchanges work. As a member, you agree that you are willing to view other member advertisements in "exchange" for other members to view your website (web page) advertisements.

Ranking traffic exchanges can be very subjective. But using some selection factors help sort out the results. Since I use traffic exchanges to get traffic to my websites, I do not use traffic exchanges as a way to make money. Surf ratios and timers are more important to me than commissions.

Traffic Exchange Selection Factors

Traffic selection factors important to me.

The following chart shows my selection factors for my 10 best traffic exchanges.

Traffic exchange selection factors chart for top 10 traffic exchanges.

My top traffic exchanges with selection criteria

Top 10 Best Traffic Exchanges

No. 1 - Hungry For Hits Traffic Exchange

Hungry For Hits Traffic Exchange banner
Hungry For Hits Traffic Exchange banner

Hungry For Hits is a popular, highly regarded traffic exchange with an active membership. Hungry For Hits is unique because it displays all site activity stats in detail to all members. I have not seen any other big advertising sites do this.

No. 2 - Traffic Ad Bar Traffic Exchange

Traffic Ad Bar traffic exchange
Traffic Ad Bar traffic exchange

Traffic Ad Bar is a highly ranked traffic site at Traffic Hoopla, an independent statistical testing site.  Unlike many other traffic exchanges, Traffic Ad Bar uses a level ladder which generates hits for members by using the "Daily Update Email." In other words, active members get more traffic by accumulating ad points.

No. 3 - Hit2Hit Traffic Exchange

Hit2Hit traffic exchange
Hit2Hit traffic exchange

Hit2Hit Traffic Exchange was created in 2005 and is consistently among the top safelists according to Hoopla. Hit2Hit has a variety of membership levels starting with free. The basic site design and look belies the popularity and quality traffic members receive at Hit2Hit.

No. 4 - EasyHits4U Traffic Exchange

Easy Hits 4U traffic exchange
Easy Hits 4U traffic exchange

EasyHits4U is one of the largest traffic exchanges around with over 1.6 million members. Given its size, it is easy to get lots of traffic with your advertising on EH4U. As one of the oldest traffic exchanges, EH4U has a large international following, which is ideal for global traffic.

No. 5 - LeadsLeap Traffic Generation System

LeadsLeap traffic Exchange
LeadsLeap traffic Exchange

LeadsLeap is not a traffic exchange in the truest sense. But members earn ad credits to display their ads. It is one of the 4 ways LeadsLeap members can generate traffic to their websites. Unlike most traffic exchanges, LeadsLeap uses a variable timer. Members earn more credits the longer they view another member's ad.

No. 6 - List Surfing Traffic Exchange

List Surfing traffic exchange
List Surfing traffic exchange

List Surfing is a traffic exchange and viral mailer rolled into one. Members who surf a minimum of 50 pages will receive unlimted trafffic for 30 days. members earn mailing credits while surfing the traffic exchange. Members get to choose the next site they want to see from a choice of thumbnails. Thumbnails make surfing easy and fun! The sophisticated anti-cheat makes sure members only get real website visitors.

No. 7 - Fast n Furious Traffic Exchange

Email-Hog s a low-cost mailer with big results.
Fast n Furious traffic exchange

Fast n Furious  is a solid performer for free and upgraded members. Recently created by Steve Smith, FnF is rapidly gaining popularity. Steve has put lots of effort in creating an entertaining, useful traffic exchange. He has also written the 3 Steps to Success Plan to help members succeed.

No. 8 - Boot Scootin Traffic Exchange

Profits Lion is a unique mailer from Maryanne Myers
Boot Scootin Traffic Exchange

Boot Scootin is a fun, popluar traffic exchange. Free members get a 2:1 surf ratio and a low 6-second surf timer. Boot Scootin gives active members bunches of bonuses. So it pays to be active. Plus, there are 4 upgrade options to fit any budget.

No. 9 - Froggy Hits Traffic Exchange

ListJumper Safelist created by Darren Olander
Froggy Hits traffic exchange

Owned and operated by Louise Deavin (aka MsFroggy), Froggy Hits is a fun and professional traffic exchange. With daily surfing rewards, cash and credit prizes, and more, Froggy Hits is a popular, highly-ranked traffic exchange. members get bonuses for activating their accounts.

No. 10 - Traffic G Traffic Exchange

Traffic G traffic exchange
Traffic G traffic exchange

TrafficG is an older traffic exchange with a large international membership. As an "old school" TE, you won't find games, prize pages, or other distractions. It's just straight manual surfing. The surf timer is long enough to ensure your website gets a decent view.

10 Best Traffic Exchange Summary

In summary, my list of the 10 best traffic exchanges is a good starting point for finding good traffic exchanges in your promotional efforts.

The traffic exchanges are all free to join, and most provide free credits to try out the programs. If you use traffic exchanges to generate traffic, there is no doubt you will see my ads.

A word of caution,

Most traffic exchanges offer limited advertising to free members, mostly in the form of poor surf ratios and timers.

Yet, so many people expect things and services to be free on the internet. Companies won't stay in business long if they are giving away their products and services.

When you sign up for a new program, you will see one-time-only (OTO) offers to upgrade. However, owners often show the OTO offers every time you log in.

You do not need to compelled to take the OTO offers. Try the free memberships first before deciding to upgrade. In case the OTO offers are no longer available, send in a support request asking for the OTO offer. More often than not, the owners will make the OTO offer available to you. 

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