Best 10 Safelists and Mailers for 2020

I have put together my best 10 safelists and mailers to use promoting my business in 2020.

Ranking safelists and mailers can be very subjective. But using tracking tools helps determine results in terms of views, click through rates, and conversions. I also considered other factors such commissions, management or owner experience, and customer service.

With the exception of Love My Ads (No. 10), my recommended safelists and mailers are established resources with proven track records.

I am a member of 215 safelists and mailers as shown in a screenshot of my Viral Mail Profits back office as shown below.

Viral Mail Profits program is a mailer and email management program.

My daily email marketing efforts starts here at Viral Mail Profits.

Obviously, I do not use all 215 mailers. I start with my top 10 mailers and work my way down my list of favorites (the ones with the best results). Viral Mail Profits tracks the data, which helps me evaluate the results.

My top 10 recommended mailers follow. I also added two honorable mentions because it was difficult deciding to add a new mailer as the 10th best.

Top 10 Recommended Safelists and Mailers

No. 1 - Free Advertising for You

Free Advertising for You is free to join

Free Advertising for You (FAFY) is a great results oriented ad site with an active membership. It is more than just a safelist with banner ads, surf exchange, solo ads, and more. Active members earn more advertising opportunities and new members can upgrade for free by being active. New members currently receive 6 solo ads and 50,000 ad credits. FAFY is my #1 site because my CTR is 21.93 currently.

No. 2 - State-of-the-Art Mailer

State-of-the-Art Mailer is highly regarded by internet marketers

SOTAM is a highly-rated, premium safelist with over 40,000 members. The loyalty program is a key benefit for members who renew the memberships. SOTAM pays commissions weekly. As the membership base expands, SOTAM  increased the number of email recipients for the top-level upgrade. Top-level Viralists can send email to 30,000 members every 3 days.

No. 3 - Mister Safelist

Mister Safelist is a long-time marketer favorite mailer.

Mister Safelist is a proven responsive safelist created in 2011 by Jerry Iannucci, it has consistently been one of the top safelists according to Hoopla. Mister Safelist has a variety of membership levels starting with free. It pays to be an active member as Jerry offers cash links in member emails. Also, there are frequent contests with cash payouts. Mister Safelist is ranked #3 by List Hoopla.

No. 4 - Harmony Mails

Harmony Mails is popular among affiliate marketers.

Harmony Mails is designed to focus on member results. New members are given free credits to start mailing to an active membership. Even though the memberhip is less than 2,000, management deactivates inactive members. Emailing to  an active list makes the upgrades more valuable. My CTR is a respectable 2.97%.

No. 5 - Herculist

Herculist a long-time favorite mailer for 20+ years.

Herculist, started in 2001, continues to grow its membership base to 89,000+ currently.. With a large membership, you are trading CTR for click volume. A safelist with a small membership base may give you a higher CTR, but fewer people looking at your ad. My current Herculist CTR is .06%, but total clicks is almost 4,000. While free to join, the low-cost upgrades are worthwhile  and recommended.

No. 6 - Advertising for Today

Advertising for Today mailer banner

Advertising for Today, a part of the Traffic Hog group of sites, offers innovative advertising technology. Members have access to the mobile phone advertising app. In addition to the mobile advertising, AFT offers members the typical safelist email marketing services but with guaranteed, unique views. As a result my current CTR is 9.39%.

No. 7 - Email-Hog

Email-Hog s a low-cost mailer with big results.

Email-Hog has been one of my favorite safelists for years.  My CTR is 4.73%. Members earn money by reading emails. It is not a lot, but every bit helps. Upgraded members receive 50% commissions on upgrades and ad purchases.

No. 8 - Profits Lion

Profits Lion is a unique mailer from Maryanne Myers

Profits Lion is a safelist with a surf function built in. There is a free verison as well as an upgraded version. Free members are requried to read/surf 200 emails before sending an email of their own. The read/surf requirement means people will see the free member emails. Upgraded members do not have a requirement to read emails. Also, upgraded members are guaranteed 1,000 views of their emails.

No. 9 - List Jumper

ListJumper Safelist created by Darren Olander

Created by Darren Olander, List Jumper is a mailer designed to reward active members. Members can send emails every day and earn bonus awards by participating daily. An example is the "One a Day" bonus system. Members earn rewards by reaching specific milestones. As a result of the active membership, my CTR is a good 5.7%.

No. 10 - Love My Adz

Love My Adz mailer is new and showing great results

Love My Adz is a new mailer (late 2019) by Katrina Graham and has a strong following. LMA offers rewards to active members. gives promo codes, and runs contests to keep members active. LMA also offers solos and super solos. Super solos go out to 39 partner sites with 69,000+ members. My CTR is 13.22% since October 2019.

Additional Mailer Honorable Mention

European Safelist - Created in 2011, European Safelist continuously rates highly on Bill Carr's List Hoopla. European Safelist has several low-cost upgrade options and a big Platinum upgrade that gives members 1,500,000 credits to start.

Land Marketing Mailer - Land Marketing Mailer is part of the Land Marketing Group of safelists and traffic exchanges owned and operated by Louise Deavin and Doug Forbes. They have a long history of email marketing. As a result, LMM is a highly responsive safelist. They offer some of the best one-time-offers to new members.

In summary, this top 10 list of the best safelists and mailers, is a good starting point for effective email marketing online.

The safelists are all free to join and most provide free credits to try out the programs. If you read emails to earn additional credits, there is no doubt you will see my email ads.

A word of caution,

Most emailers or safelists offer limited advertising to free members

Yet, so many people expect things and services to be free on the internet. Companies won't stay in business long if they are giving away their products and services.

When you sign up for a new program, you will be given one-time-only (OTO) offers to upgrade. However, safelist owners often show the OTO offers every time you log in.

You do not need to compelled to take the OTO offers. Try the free memberships first before deciding to upgrade. In case the OTO offers are no longer available, send in a support request asking for the OTO offer. More often than not, the owners will make the OTO offer available to you. I did that last week (first week in March 2020).

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Barry - April 4, 2020 Reply

I am a member of “MANY” safelists mailers, but I am not sure which marketing venue, i.e.; solo ad advertising , banner advertising, super solo advertising, mega solo advertising…etc. give me the most exposure for my advertisement/website!? Can you help me?

    Glen - May 16, 2020 Reply

    Great question, Barry. First of all, you mentioned both free and paid methods of email marketing. So your budget comes into play whether or not to use paid sources or to upgrade memberships in safelists. For example, Udimi is a premium solo ad marketplace that brings buyers and sellers together. It has been several years since I purchased paid solo ads from a Udimi ad seller. Before buying paid ads, it is important to know what your goals are for the mailing. Sales, signups, subscribers? For example, if the purpose is to make sales, then do the sales generated cover the cost of the advertising? And will there be follow-on related sales. It takes testing over a good period of time to determine which is the best venue for you.

Tessy S M - May 13, 2020 Reply

Thank you for sharing this useful and informative article about some of the best safelists and mailers. In fact I am a member of some of them including FAFY. But never realized their worth and neglected them. Your post has motivated me…

    Glen - May 16, 2020 Reply

    Thank you, Tessy. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment. I am glad my post has motivated you. Best of success to you.

sandro - June 25, 2020 Reply

EuropeanSafelist is just the best!

Malcolm Patten - July 11, 2020 Reply

Excellent Idea. I shall be following you and registering. Thank you. Malcolm Patten

alex - October 14, 2020 Reply

can you recommend any TE, safelist, etc. sites that cater to peeps who are into cryptocurrency?


    Glen - October 29, 2020 Reply

    Alex, I recommend The Crypto Mailer. It is owned by Marty Petrizza and Greg Hickman. I am a member of a number of Marty’s ad sites, which are highly regarded by many people.

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