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Understanding the affiliate marketing process.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing

Learning how to become an affiliate marketer online starts with the basics of affiliate marketing. While going through my affiliate marketing resource files, I found the following article, "Affiliate Marketing Primer," written by a good friend of mine, Jim Daniels. We are both veterans and avid golfers.

Here are some free resources for you:

safelist marketing tactics ebook

Safelist Marketing Tactics

Jerry Iannucci has created a guidebook that shows you the PROPER way to market with safelists. This stuff really works! Inside you will discover... How to drastically reduce the time spent clicking for credits while still sending your ads to the maximum number of readers. And how to setup your inbox to make managing multiple safelist accounts a breeze. And more!

LeadsLeap lead generation system

LeadsLeap Lead Generation System

LeadsLeap is a profit-sharing advertising and leads system for online marketers. It provides free advertising, marketing tools, and network builder as well as online marketing training. Marketing tools include unique ad tracking system, do-it-yourself autoresponder, pop-up generator, and more.

Independent Business Owner networking site

Independent Business Owner Toolbox

The Independent Business Owner (IBO) Toolbox is a business marketing platform designed to help business owners create their brand, network, build, and market their independently owned businesses.  It is also an active social networking sites for business owners. IBOtoolbox also has a variety of useful resources for members such as media sharing platform and micro job site. 

If you aren't tracking and testing results for your advertising, you are wasting a lot of money

HitsConnect Ad Tracking Service

HitsConnect is an ad tracking and rotator system providing detailed statistics about your ad traffic source performance.   It also enables you to split test your advertising to determine which performs better. Recently redesigned, HitsConnect is now simpler and easier to use. If you aren't tracking and testing results from your advertising, you are wasting a
lot of money...

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